ICT 2.0 present at Experts Live Netherlands 2019

Today Experts Live Netherlands was held in the beautiful 1931 Congress Center ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

At the beginning of this year I started a project for which virtual workplaces had to be built in a Microsoft Azure environment in combination with the Citrix Cloud.

Citrix is ​​familiar territory to me, but Microsoft Azure is less so. Since this project my interest in Azure has been raised again. The need and interest in Azure was less for the project, but I have to admit that I really like Azure. My Microsoft (friends) colleagues will say “finally Juul!” and they are also (a little) right;).

Off to Experts Live Netherlands. Due to an important meeting with the client in the morning, where I had to be present, I had been delayed a little but ICT 2.0 BV has arrived! Nice weather, prime location, I was happy to be present. My interest was mainly in the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) of course and to save as much information as possible in the area of ​​Azure!

The Microsoft WVD public beta release, announced in March 2019, has been presented as a major product in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Suite.

Brief History
Since 2017, Microsoft has been working on RDmi (Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure). Initially this was the development of RDS with on-premise & Azure cloud “flavor”, whereby the Azure flavor would become an RDS PaaS platform. This project got a number of turns and turns and developed into what we now know the WVD.

As a virtual workplace specialist I have to hear and see what the experiences are of others and hopefully bring some nice tips to the customer. This is successful! I was able to bring some tips and as a bonus I spoke to a highly valued former colleague, Robert Smit, of my time at Ordina.

I am already working on a virtual desktop i.c.m Citrix Cloud and Azure. This is a great opportunity to try and test the Windows Virtual Desktop.

If you ever want to do something for your company in the field of secure virtual desktop or just want to talk to hear what it has added value for your company, please contact ICT 2.0 BV. Maybe we can help you on your way.

See you soon!

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